Hand-built Ceramics

These are all unique ceramic pieces created by Robert Fathauer. More of Robert's ceramics can be seen at robertfathauer.com. Most of the pieces on that site can be purchased by contacting us via e-mail.


"Three Groovy Dodecahedra"
Set of three dodecahedra. The grooves on these dodecahedra illustrate relationships between the dodecahedron and other polyhedra; from left to right, the rhombic triacontahedron, the icosahedron, and the icosidodecahedron. Glazed cone 10 stoneware, made in 2012. For a closer look at this piece, please click here.


"Star Tessellated Vase"
Ceramic vase with a tessellations of six-pointed stars and squares. The stars were pressed into the clay individually using a wooden stamp. Height 8-3/4". Created in 2013. For a closer look at this piece, please click here.


Ceramic Penrose kites
Each of these unique ceramic kites was hand-made. The tiles feature groove that delineate three generations of inflation and also indicate the matching rules. They can be used either as coasters or, in groups of five, as trivets. When not in use for functional purposes, they make beautiful table art. Only available in gray at this time. If you buy four, we'll throw in the fifth for free. Quantities are limited, and the tiles may vary somewhat from those shown in the photograph due to the fact that they are hand made. Long edges measure approximately 3.5", and cork pads on the bottoms prevent scratching of table tops.

"Trefoil Knot"
The trefoil is the simplest knot, with three crossings. Glazed cone 10 stoneware, made ca 2012. Approximately 5" across.


Ceramic Dodecahedra
Ceramic dodecahedra; shown are three regular dodecahedra and one rhombic dodecahedron. Approximate of size 3" across. Please specify which you would like in the comment box of the checkout page.