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TesselManiac! Single User
TesselManiac! is an all-new program for designing and learning about tessellations, tailored for tessellations in which the individual tiles are recognizable motifs. With this program anyone can create these fascinating designs made famous by Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher. Starting with any of a broad range of geometric templates and symmetries, TesselManiac! draws the full tessellation in real time as the user distorts a single tile. Written by Kevin Lee, the author of the classic TesselMania and Tessellation Exploration software, TesselManiac! is packed with powerful and convenient features:
A curve tool and a sharp tool allow addition and editing of points to shape the border of a tile.
A set of paint tools allow features to be added to the interior of a tile.
TesselManiac! automatically applies the geometric rules of the selected tile type to ensure it tessellates.
The Flipping Tile Game is included to make learning about geometric transformations fun.
TesselManiac! includes several fun and dynamic animations of your tile that illustrate the math behind the tessellations.
The educational version comes with eight classroom activities, aligned with specific Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, that include reproducible student worksheets.

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Grades 4-12, copyright 2013.
System requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.6 or higher.

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TesselManiac! 5-CPU Lab Pack
Up to 5 CPU's are allowed on the license to this version.
TesselManiac! 10-CPU Lab Pack
Up to 10 CPU's are allowed on the license to this version.