Table of contents

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1. Introduction to Tessellations
2. Geometric Tessellations
3. Symmetry and Transformations in Tessellations
4. Tessellations in Nature
5. Decorative and Utilitarian Tessellations
6. Polyforms and Reptiles
7. Rosettes and Spirals
8. Matching Rules, Aperiodic Tiles, and Substitution Tilings
9. Fractal Tiles and Fractal Tilings
10. Non-Euclidean Tessellations
11. Tips on Designing and Drawing Escheresque Tessellations
12. Special Techniques to Solve Design Problems
13. Escheresque Tessellations Based on Squares
14. Escheresque Tessellations Based on Isosceles Right Triangle and Kite-Shaped Tiles
15. Escheresque Tessellations Based on Equilateral Triangle Tiles
16. Escheresque Tessellations Based on 60°–120° Rhombus Tiles
17. Escheresque Tessellations Based on Hexagonal Tiles
18. Decorating Tiles to Create Knots and Other Designs
19. Tessellation Metamorphoses and Dissections
20. Introduction to Polyhedra
21. Adapting Plane Tessellations to Polyhedra
22. Tessellating the Platonic Solids
23. Tessellating the Archimedean Solids
24. Tessellating Other Polyhedra
25. Tessellating Other Surfaces
Glossary of Terms

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