More Algebra by Design

Second Edition

by Russell F. Jacobs

Our earlier Algebra by Design contains topics of elementary algebra usually studied in the first semester of algebra. More Algebra by Design contains more advanced topics often taught in the second semester. The second edition, new in 2011, includes four new exercises on the slope/intercept form of a line and linear inequalities in the coordinate plane.

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Item no. J162; ISBN 978-0-9846042-4-1. Contains 44 activity pages. Grades 8-10.
Suggested retail price: $19.95.

Topics include:
• Absolute value
• Solving inequalities
• Factoring binomials with common factors, the difference of two squares, and quadratic trinomials
• Solving quadratic equations
• Evaluating polynomials
• Combining like terms
• Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and simplifying radicals
• Simplifying and adding or subtracting radical expressions
• Operations on fractions with monomial terms
• Solving word problems
• Slope/intercept form and systems of inequalities
• Interpreting linear, absolute value, and quadratic graphs
• Finding the next term in a sequence

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