Fractal Ripples No. 1

The starting point for this graphically-constructed fractal is a group of concentric rings (a "ripple pattern"), with each larger ring being increasingly transparent. This ripple pattern is designed to mimic the waves that would form around a stone dropped in water. Three half-scale copies of the ripple pattern are positioned around the starting ripple pattern. The resulting group of four ripple patterns is then scaled by half, and three copies are positioned around the starting ripple pattern. This process is repeated until the new ripple patterns are so small as to be invisible to the eye at the scale of the print. Dark areas are created by the overlap of the waves, similar to constructive interference patterns. The final fractal reveals a skewed Sierpinski triangle. The print paradoxically presents a collection of straight lines to the eye, even though it is entirely comprised of circles. "Fractal Ripples No. 1" is a limited edition of 50 digital prints created in 2009; the image size is 15" x 10".

Copyright 2009 Robert Fathauer