Ocotillo in Bloom, Iterated

"Ocotillo in Bloom, Iterated" is a digital artwork constructed by graphically iterating photographic building blocks created from photographs of two different ocotillos taken in April of 2011. This desert plant is covered with leaves after sufficient rain, but drops its leaves during dry times. The portion used for the branch segments in the print is new growth, which exhibits lighter and more vibrant color than older growth. In the print, a building block with a cluster of flowers and a terminating branch was used at the beginning of the iteration process, while a building block without these terminating features was used for subsequent iterations. During the construction process, the number of copies of the building block with flowers increases with each step. "Ocotillo in Bloom, Iterated" is a limited edition of 50 prints, completed in 2011.

Click here for a high-resolution detail of the print.

Copyright 2011 Robert Fathauer