Angels, Devils, and Men (Heaven, Hell, and Earth)

This tessellation is based on the kite-and-dart version of Penrose tiles, a famous set of tiles that only tessellates aperiodically. These tiles will cover the infinite mathematical plane, but any tessellation constructed using them will not be periodic (will not possess translational symmetry). The theme plays on one of Escher's more popular prints, "Circle Limit IV" (1960), which has angels and devils as motifs. "Angels, Devils, and Men (Heaven, Hell, and Earth) " is a limited edition of 50 digital prints executed in 2012. The image size is 14" x 16". For a high-resolution detail, click here.

Digital art print with an Escher-like Penrose tiling, with angels, devils, and men.

Copyright 2012 Robert Fathauer