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d2/3/4 MultiDice and d14

Many people are familiar with four-sided dice (caltrops) and the fact that they don't roll very well due to the small number of sides. The situation is even worse for three-sided dice, since there are no polyhedra with only three sides. In order to decide between two choices, most people will flip a coin, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use the more satisfying motion of rolling a die? Our unique MultiDice solve all these problems by numbering a modified rhombic dodecahedron to allow it to be read as a d2 (1 or 2), d3 (1-3), or d4 (1-4). The dice are available in blue, white, and black at this time.

Gamers are familiar with 10-sided dice, which are based on a polyhedron called the pentagonal trapezohedron. Similarly, the heptagonal trazpezohedron can be used as a fair d14. The tips of these dice are rounded for better rolling, and the numbers are distributed as uniformly as possible. All of our offerings are available online at The Dice Shop at Click here to learn more about the design.

Choking Hazard Warning

Top view of the d2/3/4 MultiDie
Reading the d2/3/4 MultiDie
The photo shows the top view of the die,
in one of twelve possible orientations. The
middle number is used to read the d3 value,
the number set in a triangle the d4 value
(think of a traditional d4), and the number
set in a circle the d2 value (think of
flipping a coin).

Photo of three d2/3/4 MultiDice
d2/3/4 MultiDice
Single die: $4.00
Set of three dice: $10.00

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Photo of five d14 dice
14-sided Dice
Single die: $3.00
Set of five dice: $12.00

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Video about d2/3/4 MultiDice:

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