About Tessellations

A tessellation is a collection of shapes that fit together without gaps or overlaps to cover a surface.

The company Tessellations was begun in 1993 by Dr. Robert Fathauer as a sideline to his job as a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Squids & Rays, our first product, was a revolutionary new puzzle with pieces that were recognizable creatures that fit together in nearly endless combinations. The key features of Squids & Rays - educational and open-ended play that encourages creativity, and the inclusion of extensive instructions and lesson materials - have become the hallmarks of Tessellations' products.

Dr. Fathauer has published original work on fractal tessellations and knots and has written several books on tessellations and related topics. He has an ongoing interest in creating mathematical art and coordinating exhibitions of mathematical art. He continues to apply his mathematical knowledge and creativity to the design of unique puzzles, educational manipulatives, books, and classroom posters. Tessellations turns these designs into quality products that are both educational and fun.

In 2010, Tessellations acquired the "design" titles of Jacobs Publishing Company, a popular line of math activity books for the classroom. In 2013, The Dice Lab was started as a collaboration between Robert and Henry Segerman to create new types of polyhedral dice.

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