Websites and Books

Links to Related Web Sites
  1. Other web sites by Tessellations founder Robert Fathauer
    1. Robert's mathematical art.
    2. Fractal tiling (tessellations with fractal character).
    3. Fractal and iterated knots.

  2. Web sites related to Escheresque tessellation art
    1. Patrick Snels' online database of artists doing Escheresque tessellation art.
    2. This site includes Andrew Crompton's Escheresque art, as well as a list of artists doing Escheresque art and links to other sites with art of this sort.
    3. Hop David's tessellations and other math & art stuff.
    4. Peter Raeschelder's Escheresque art.
    5. Makoto Nakamura's tessellation art and animation.
    6. Alain Nicolas' tessellation art site.

  3. Miscellaneous
    1. The Bridges Conference website. Bridges is an annual conference held in the summer that focuses on connections between mathematics and the arts.
    2. George Hart's pages on polyhedra. If you like polyhedra, you'll love this site!
    3. David Joyce's site on hyperbolic tessellations
    4. Chaim Goodman-Strauss's site on math and mathematical art.
    5. Brad Honeycutt's blog featuring a new optical illusion every day.
    6. Kadon Enterprises' website. They sell a variety of acrylic tiling sets, including polyominoes, polyhexes, and polyiamonds. Be sure and check out the Puzzle Parlor and The Life of Games online journal.
    7. Imperfect Congruence. This website covers tilings using regular polygons and rhombs. In particular, it looks at tilings incorporating regular polygons that can't tile the plane using only other regular polygons. Includes several tilings contributed by Tessellations' founder, Robert Fathauer.
    8. Quantum Knots and Mosaics. This links to a paper by Samuel J. Lomonaco and Louis H. Kauffman that is related to Tessellations' KnoTiles puzzle.
    9. mathpuzzle Ed Pegg's website on mathematical puzzles.

  4. Other "Tessellation/s" website (similar names, but unrelated companies)
    1. "" - Tessellations Inc. website. This is a Houston-based company offering Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting services.
    2. "" - Tessellation Training website. Tessellation Training is a referral network of instructors of computer courses.
    3. "" Site by Seth Bareiss, now run by Kevin Lee; has a range of content related to tessellations.

Recommended Books
  1. "Tilings and Patterns", by Branko Grunbaum and G.C. Shephard (W.H. Freeman, 1987). This is a most complete treatment of the topic I know of, with formal mathematical language, but also with lots of pictures. If you want all of the chapters, including those on non-periodic tilings, get the hardback version.
  2. "Visions of Symmetry, 2nd edition", by Doris Schattschneider (Harry N. Abrahms, 2004). A wonderful book, which reproduces Escher's notebooks in which he works out tessellation systems.
  3. "The Magic of M.C. Escher", by Eric The, Joost Elffers, and Andreas Landshoff (Harry N. Abrahms, 2000). A book which interweaves well-known prints with numerous unpublished drawings, the artist's eloquent words, and observations by Escher expert J.L. Locher. A dramatic and rather cinematic presentation of Escher's art, with a number of large gate folds.
  4. "Dissections: Plane & Fancy", by Greg Frederickson (Cambridge University Press, 1997). The best book I know of on geometric dissections - makes for very entertaining reading for math lovers.
  5. "Polyominoes: Puzzles, Patterns, Problems and Packing", by Solomon W. Golomb (Princeton Science Library, 1996). The definitive treatment of the topic, by the "inventor" of the polyomino.
  6. "M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles", by Doris Schattschneider and Wallace Walker (Pomegranate; box edition, 2005). A fascinating and fun book in which Escher's tessellations are adapted to innovative three-dimensional paper models.

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