Our classroom manipulatives are made of EVA foam and include worksheets.

K-12 foam geometric shapes

K-12 Geometric Shapes
Fifteen different foam geometric shapes. Angles and edges are labeled on the frontsides to facilitate classroom discussion. The names of the shapes and their areas are printed on the backsides. The thickness of the pieces is 0.2" (0.5 cm), and the circle diameter is 4" (10 cm). Grades K-12.
*** Not available at this time ***

Item 3112, 15 pieces. Suggested retail price: $17.95

Pattern Numbers foam manipulative
Pattern Numbers
This set teaches about the properties of numbers and uses colored tiles to illustrate patterns formed by numbers. Colors indicate which numbers are squares, primes, even numbers that aren't squares, and odd numbers that are composite (not prime). The individual tiles contain information about the number on the tile, including its factors and whether it is a factorial, triangular, Fibonacci, or Catalan number. The tiles are shaped to allow vertical alignment of rows or staggered rows for optimal display of various configurations: counting by different numbers, the multiplication table, Pascal's triangle, triangular numbers, Fibonacci numbers, and more. Contains 186 magnetic foam tiles, color instructions, and eight reproducible worksheets. Grades 3-12.

Item no. 3611. Suggested retail price: $29.95.

Hands-on Trigonometry Proofs foam manipulative
Hands-on Trigonometry Proofs
This set contains four separate "proofs" of trigonometry relations, with examples of a Pythagorean identity, a sum formula, a double-angle formula, and two sum-to-product formulas:
Trigonometry equations
Demonstration of each relation is accomplished by physically rearranging the pieces to establish equalities of areas or lengths. These are not rigorous mathematical proofs, but rather visual common-sense proofs. As such, they help make these abstract relationships real and believable. By actually handling the pieces, students engage their minds to a greater degree than they would by merely looking at the proofs on paper. The color instructions describe how each proof is demonstrated, and four reproducible worksheets reinforce the material. Contains 20 magnetic foam pieces. Grades 7-12.
This set is no longer available from Tessellations, but it has been licensed to EAI Education.

Item no. 3511. Suggested retail price: $29.95.

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