Other Puzzles by Tessellations

In addition to tessellation puzzles, Tessellations produces a number of other challenging, fun, and educational geometric puzzles, including the world's only fractal puzzle.

Polygony puzzle
Polygony consists of 23 pieces that are rearranged to form four different regular polygons: an equilateral triangle, a square, a hexagon, and an octagon. The pieces are made of magnetic foam so they can either be used on a flat surface or a magnet-receptive vertical surface such as a file cabinet or some white boards. Classroom activities and blackline masters are included, with four activities designed to address specific Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for 8th grade and high school geometry. This fascinating puzzle will challenge the spatial reasoning abilities of even the most gifted students and adults. Ages 12 and up.

Item 961, 23 pieces plus instructions and classroom worksheets.
Suggested retail price: $19.95

Hints for solving PolygonyTM.

KnoTiles puzzle
Everyone is familiar with the utilitarian and decorative uses of knots, but mathematicians study knots as well. KnoTilesTM is a puzzle that serves as an introduction to the mathematics of knots and the symmetry of knot designs. All of the knots through seven crossings can be formed with the set, and the instructions contain over a dozen brain teasers. The puzzle pieces feature photographic rope images, with a second color of rope on some pieces to allow the formation of links (like knots, but with more than one strand). 105 cardboard pieces. Grades 3-12.

Item 1180, 105 pieces plus instructions.
Suggested retail price: $19.95

Four Tricky Two-Way puzzles
Four Tricky Two Way puzzles
Turn a square into a triangle? How is that possible? Each of the four squares in this set can be transformed into a different geometric shape. See how fast you can solve them. Magnetic foam, includes brain teasers. Ages 8 to adult.

Item 901.
Suggested retail price: $9.95

Four Tricky Two-Way Star puzzles
Four Tricky Two Way Star puzzles
Even a square can become a star! In this set, four squares are rearranged to form four different star shapes. Magnetic foam, includes brain teasers. Ages 8 to adult.

Item 902.
Suggested retail price: $9.95

Four Tricky Tangram puzzles
Four Tricky Tangram puzzles
The Tangram is just the beginning! In addition to the ancient Chinese classic, this set includes three other Tangram-like puzzles. A Japanese puzzle that actually predates the tangram by half a century, and two more recent designs. Magnetic foam, includes brain teasers. Ages 8 to adult.

Item 903.
Suggested retail price: $9.95

Photo of Making Faces puzzle.
Making Faces
A different type of tessellation puzzle in which a face is formed where four square pieces fit together. There are three different types of pieces, allowing over 1,000 distinct faces. What's more, if a face is viewed upside down, as different rightside-up face is seen! Making Faces comes with instructions that include several brain teasers plus a game using the pieces. Four reproducible worksheets cover translational and rotational symmetry in tessellations, the mathematics of combinations, and drawing 2-way faces. 120 cardboard pieces, packaged in a plastic jar. Ages 8 and up.

Item 1080, 120 pieces.
Suggested retail price: $19.95

Photo of Cubed Cubes puzzle.
Cubed Cubes
Cubed Cubes is a brain teaser puzzle that teaches students about rectangular solids and the cubic numbers. The foam pieces form red, blue, and green cubes, each of a different size. In addition, all nine pieces together form a larger cube. The puzzle is based on the mathematical curiosity that the cubes of 3, 4 and 5 sum to the cube of 6. The instructions include several additional three-dimensional puzzles to solve using the same pieces. Also included are classroom worksheets on the volume of rectangular solids and cubic numbers. Ages 8 and up.

Item 1321, 9 pieces.
Suggested retail price: $14.95

Photo of The Irrational puzzle.
The Irrational Puzzle
This set contains four cubes dissected four different ways to form a variety of geometric solids. The instructions contain seven brain teasers in which different three-dimensional geometric shapes are formed with the pieces. This puzzle makes use of the fact that the face diagonal and space diagonal of a unit cube are the squares roots of 2 and 3, respectively, to introduce students to the concept of irrational numbers. Three reproducible worksheets cover the history of the square root of 2, the discovery of irrational numbers, and the Pythagorean Theorem. Contains 11 geometric solids made from soft, durable, and nontoxic foam. Cubes measure 2.5" on a side. Ages 8 to adult.

Item 1341. 11 foam pieces.
Suggested retail price: $19.95

Photo of Squared Squares puzzle.
Squared Squares
Squared Squares contains 48 magnetic foam pieces, each of which is a square. All 48 pieces form a large square, and all of the pieces of each color form different smaller squares. But that's just the beginning; seven more brain teasers will really put you to the test! Ages 8 to adult.

Item 1312. 48 magnetic foam pieces.
Suggested retail price: $6.95

Photo of Pentominoes puzzle.
Pentominoes Plus
Guaranteed to unleash the triangle maniac in you! Three sizes of colorful equilateral triangles, 72 in all, form hundreds of tantalizing patterns. Ages 8 to adult.

Item 1311. 21 magnetic foam pieces.
Suggested retail price: $6.95

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